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At High Minded Media, I take pride in my 18 year journey through supporting a diverse spectrum of clients in the nonprofit, agency, and corporate realms. My expertise in organic and technical SEO, remote business support, and SEO copywriting has empowered me to make a meaningful impact across a range of industries.

From the cannabis and industrial hemp sector to the cutting-edge world of psychedelic therapy, I’ve tailored my services to meet the complex and unique needs of these types of businesses.

I’ve enabled small to midsize local businesses to thrive online and supported nonprofits in raising their voices for change. In the realms of mental and physical health and wellness, and animal health and care services, I’ve connected professionals with their target audiences.

Supporting Neurodiversity

I am especially interested in projects or businesses run by or focused on serving and supporting neurodivergent clientele (autism, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety disorder, Tourette’s, learning and processing disorders, etc).

Contact High Minded Media today and experience the difference trustworthy help can make in running your business!

Cannabis (THC/CBD) & Industrial Hemp

Unleash the full potential of your cannabis or industrial hemp business with my customized SEO strategies, virtual assistance, and web copywriting services. In this dynamic industry, staying visible and compliant is essential.

From optimizing product listings to crafting informative content, we’ll keep your websites up to date, help you connect with the right audiences, and establish authority in this fast-growing industry!

Psychedelic Therapy

Embark on a transformative journey in the realm of psychedelic therapy, where healing meets innovation with ketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, and LSD therapies. My SEO expertise, virtual assistant support, and compelling copywriting will amplify your message to clients looking for your help.

Together, we’ll create an inviting space for seekers, guiding them toward life-changing experiences with these powerful mental health therapies. With content that resonates, your practice will shine as a beacon of hope and healing in the world of psychedelic therapy.

Food, Drink & Distilleries

In the world of gastronomy and spirits, words are as crucial as flavors. Craft irresistible descriptions and SEO-optimized content to leave a lasting impression.

With my expertise in restaurant and hospitality SEO to help lead the way, your culinary creations and libations will become unforgettable experiences for food and drink enthusiasts!

Small to Midsize Local Businesses

Local businesses and service providers, take center stage in the digital arena! My holistic approach to small business SEO, VA assistance, and SEO copywriting that converts will bridge the gap between your physical presence and online success.

Crafted for small to midsize local businesses, my strategies enhance visibility, boost customer engagement, and drive both foot traffic and online sales. Let’s make your local business shine online!

Nonprofits and Grassroots

Your cause deserves attention, and I’m here to amplify your voice. Nonprofits and grassroots organizations can leverage my incisive strategies to raise awareness, attract donors, and advocate for change. Together, we’ll make your message resonate, creating a better world.

Mental/Physical Health & Wellness Services

For professionals in mental and physical wellness, my services help open doors to healing. Clients include medical and dental clinics, massage and related therapies, counselors/therapists/psychiatrists, and more. Reach those seeking balance and relief with empathetic content and expert SEO support.

Animal Health & Wellness, Animal Care Professionals

From veterinarians to pet trainers, your dedication to animal health and wellness deserves recognition. My SEO, VA, and copywriting services are designed to elevate your pet-loving services. Connect with animal enthusiasts who value your expertise. Let us help you become the go-to resource for all things furry and feathered.

E-Commerce SEO (WordPress and Shopify)

Take your online store to new heights with my specialized SEO strategies tailored for WordPress and Shopify. Enhance product visibility, boost conversions, and witness your e-commerce venture flourish. My dedicated virtual assistance and copywriting expertise completes the package, ensuring your online success.

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